About this website

   Worldviewresearch.org traces worldview-related scientific writings available on the Internet. It links to [129] open access research papers and popular science articles from [36] academic fields. Its purpose is helping to reflect upon our basic beliefs concerning reality, life, society, human nature and values.

How the links are organised?

     The links are grouped in two ways in the menu on the left  <-  In the upper part links are categorized by worldview aspects. Lower you can find the same articles arranged by the scientific disciplines. Each link description contains: author's name, title, brief summary, publication year and accessibility level.


GA - for general audience

SMA - scientific paper but mostly accessible for non-specialists with some relevant background knowledge

SP - for specialists (linked here until more accessible free source will become available) 

About me

   I am a worldview writer from Poland/USA. Here are my author pages in Polish magazines Znak and Tygodnik Powszechny.  A worldview I subscribe to. 


*Picture copyright Izabela Katreniok. Used with permission.