Mikael Stenmark


2021, SMA

I suggest that we use the notion of worldview, and contrast religious worldviews with secular worldviews − rather than contrasting religions with non religions.

Hardik Raypal et al.

Tangled Worldview Model of Opinion Dynamics

(2019, SP)

Can we predict worldviews evolution the same way we calculate the appearance of cyclones and epidemics?

Alexandra Maland, Liane Gabora

Educational Implications of the ‘Self-Made Worldview’ Concept

(2019, SMA)

How to teach creativity that begins with self-organizing worldviews: not being domain-specific, and not measurable by tangible creative outputs?

David Rousseau, Julie Billingham

A Systematic Framework for Exploring Worldviews

(2018, SMA)

Worldviews as systems: a synthesis based on findings in anthropology, religious studies, sociology, theology, cosmology, psychology, and philosophy. 

Artur Nilsson

A Q-methodological study of personal worldviews

(2018, SP)

A critique of quantitative approaches to study of personal worldviews.

Michelle LeBaron, Heidi Burgess

Cultural and Worldview Frames

(2017, GA)

Worldviews can be resources for understanding and analyzing conflicts when fundamental differences divide groups of people.

Annick deWitt

A new tool to map the major worldviews in the Netherlands and USA, and explore how they relate to climate change

(2016, SMA)

The article connects historical "map" of four worldview types in the culture of the West with five main aspects of worldview.

Ian Gutierrez, Crystal Park

Emerging Adulthood, Evolving Worldviews: How Life Events Impact College Students' Developing Belief Systems

(2015, SMA)

Which life events shape young adults’ worldviews and how their beliefs are evolving? 

Gert Gritter

The worldview bubble

(2018, GA)

Is the idea of worldview bad for society because people assume that they do not share any common ground and there is no platform for dialogue?

Ralph Lewis

What actually is a belief? And why is it so hard to change?

(2018, GA)

Evolutionary explanation of the nature and function of our beliefs, with biological, psychological and cultural causes of its stability and strong resistance to change.

Ann Taves, Egil Asprem, Elliott Ihm

Psychology, Meaning Making and the Study of Worldviews: Beyond Religion and Non-Religion

(2018, SMA)

Detailed multidimensional development of the naturalistic theory of worldview proposed earlier by Taves and Asprem.

Farah Ibrahim, Jianna R. Heuer

Worldview: Implications for Culturally Responsive and Ethical Practice

(2016, SMA)

Cultural and social justice counseling for people with a different worldviews.

Maria daVenza Tillmanns

Philosophical Counseling

(2013, SMA)

The philosophical counseling may be focusing too much on the rational by concentrating on people’s worldviews – their conceptual understanding of the world.

Mark-Edward Koltko-Rivera

The Psychology of Worldview

(2004, SMA)

In this comprehensive and influential article, Koltko-Rivera described worldview as "the most important construct that the typical psychologist has never heard of" and inspired systematic research on worldviews in social and personality psychology.